Subsidiary of JSC „Lithuanian Railways" "Šiauliai Railway Infrastructure"


"Siauliai Railway Infrastructure," subsidiary of SC "Lithuanian Railways," serves a section of the rail infrastructure in the northern and eastern parts of Lithuania. The subsidiary's staff is entrusted to ensure traffic safety and good condition of the steel roads in 7 lines. This line belongs to the international transport corridor, highly significant for the whole European transport system. The corridor begins in Tallinn and goes through Riga, Siauliai, and Kaunas to Warsaw. It branch from his Radviliskis through Pagegiai reaches Kaliningrad. Another section of the international transport corridor running through Siauliai is a branch of Kiev-Minsk-Vilnius-Siauliai-Klaipeda. Other lines are Siauliai-Mazeikiai-Bugeniai, Radviliskis-Panevezys-Obeliai-Daugavpils. Vilnius-Siauliai-Klaipeda line is the busiest one and transports mainly transit cargo to Klaipeda. Oil rail line is also running through Siauliai. Steel railroads linking Mazeikiai and Siauliai, transport oil and petroleum products in different directions. A considerable portion of them is exported to various foreign countries. Siauliai Railway Infrastructure is capable of successfully ensuring a safe transportation of passengers and freight by trains within the general network in all directions to the south, north, east, and west.
As of 1 January, 2014, the subsidiary employed 963 people. This staff is delegated to take care of 810 kilometres of railroads, with 830 switches, 155 level crossings, and many plants that require regular maintenance.
A proper maintenance of the rail infrastructure is facilitated thanks to modernization of all services, advanced technology installed, occupational safety and health measures.
Great work arrangement, development opportunities, improvement of working conditions, and social solutions of "Siauliai Railway Infrastructure" makes the subsidiary attractive to potential employees. Meanwhile, the subsidiary's team can be proud of the high level of professionalism and excellent performance, which made performance of SC "Lithuanian Railways" successful, and that the subsidiary has been recognised as the best rail infrastructure subsidiary in Lithuania five years in a row.