Subsidiary of JSC „Lithuanian Railways" "Klaipėda Railway Infrastructure"

The "Lietuvos Geležinkeliai" AB subsidiary "Klaipėdos Geležinkelių Infrastruktūra" (Klaipėda) was established in 2001, which integrated the Klaipėda railway region and Klaipėda automation and communications region.

The objective of the subsidiary activities is to ensure the operation and maintenance of the facilities comprising the railway infrastructure according to the requirements of the technical normative legal acts, ensure the safe train traffic with current technical facilities, take response measures to fires, disasters, accidents and effects of other incidents within the railway region limits assigned to the subsidiary.

Currently the subsidiary maintains 3 railway directions: Vilnius – Klaipėda (from 231 km to 377 km); Klaipėda – Pagėgiai (from 1 km to 86 km); Radviliškis – Pagėgiai – State border (from 53 km).

Railway, Automation, Communications, Power supply, Transport and machinery maintenance, Building and water supply sections are the structural divisions of the subsidiary. Currently 526 employees are employed in "Klaipėdos Geležinkelių Infrastruktūra", who work in one team, seek the common goal, ensure professionalism and good work results.

The subsidiary "Klaipėdos Geležinkelių Infrastruktūra" is aimed at improving the working conditions of the employees by trying to help solving their social issues, by making possibilities to "grow" and develop to the ambitious ones, by promoting the ideas of young specialists, by seeking to implement them.