Modernization and Technical Innovations

Level crossing is a point of intersection of a railway track with a motor road at one level. In order to ensure safe and uninterrupted traffic of both cars and the railway transport, we are constantly looking for new technologies, design, and equipment. One of examples of the innovation is Edilon LC-L type crossing structure, equipped at a local intersection of a railway line with a road in Siauliai county Pakruojis - Petrasiunai. Edil LC offers a unique solution that combines a perfect track ballast basis, rail connection, and road paving to a single monolithic unit (the main component of the coating is a reinforced concrete slab).

  1. Solid reinforced concrete slab
  2. Track securing - isolated track ERS system

Unique advantage of Edilon LC-L coating is a short installation time (to be done during a night, thus, maximally reducing the traffic interruption time). This is achieved by using ready crossing structural elements with optimal length panels, selected based on a motorway width.
Edilon LC-L coating prevents the destructive effect of water due to the hermetic space between the rail head and the foundation, as well as in the connecting joint between the panels. The upper surface of the panels has a shaped a slope as well as the option to use draining ducts, mounted at panel ends, it simplifies the water draining from the level crossing.
Edilon LC-L coating is a solution which meets and, in the near future, will comply with all requirements set for the railway and motorway users. This solution ensures a comprehensive safety to railway and motor traffic through the level crossing. The panel system allows the motor traffic to smoothly pass the crossing.


Key Advantages                                

  • Avoiding vertical ruts;
  • Vibration reduction by flexible rail fastening;
  • Continuous and limited deposition;
  • Fast and easy installation;
  • Minimum operational maintenance;
  • Solid and durable structure;
  • Single-structure monolithic unit;
  • Continuous elastic rail fastening;
  • Smooth transition between the rail and a motorway;
  • Excellent electrical insulation of a road.


SC "Lithuanian Railways" has purchased at the German company Kirow Ardelt GmbH MULTI TASKER series railway crane MT KRC 1600 LT, adapted to operate at 1520 mm rail gage. Kirow Ardelt is a world leader in the production of rail cranes. This crane is perfect for laying road and crossing structures, switch mounting, elimination of accident consequences, as well as for various road structures, construction works, or other purposes. The main parameters of the crane MT KRC 1600 LT:

  • Maximum load capacity 160 tons;
  • 8 axles;
  • Telescoping counterweight. The  counterweight can be removed during tranportation;
  • Individually rotating arm for gage operations;
  • Maximum carriage speed in a train set 100 km/h;
  • Maximum operating speed under own power 25 km/h;
  • Length measured at the axis of the coupler 15,000 mm;
  • Total length of the transport position 19,067 mm.